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Trend forecasting goes beyond the realm of simply trying to predict suitable fashion design. It encompasses the social, cultural and behavioral, desires of your brands consumers.  A fashion trend forecaster must have an inquisitive mind as well as a creative ability to evaluate and predict consumer behavior and preferences. Most importantly, a trend forecasting company or person must be commercially savvy so that you can be really sure about what is going to appeal to the consumer.

Being able to predict what your customer will want helps apparel companies make decisions about which products to develop and how much to invest.  Trend forecasting goes hand-in-hand with brand strategy. There are dozens of trends out there at any one time, but not every trend is right for your brand.

Below you will find links of interest regarding color, fashion, and trends.

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Trend Forecasting

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You can also learn about fashion trends from the trend spotting group at the Fashion Industry Network.


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